Wednesday, February 22, 2017

She Belongs To The Kitchen .....Episode 12

Betty was inside her ward pressing her phone. She was already missing her family especially little Eva “Oh my baby Eva, I wonder how you are doing now? Mummy is very sorry for leaving you, but she will be back soon.”

Debbie: Girlfriend who are you talking to?

Betty: No one ooh, just missing my family.. tell me, How are you?

Debbie: I’m more than fine. dear guess what? **she said full of excitement ***

Betty: What naah, You know am not good at guessing.

Debbie: My dear, God has finally done it for me ooh. when I least expected it

Betty: Madam, you are still confusing me, just go straight to the point already.

Debbie used her left hand and rubbed her stomach trying to tell her friend something through it……

Betty: You… you… you are pregnant!

Debbie nodded her head in response. “yes sweety I’m 1month pregnant. God has finally remembered me”

Betty: Haaa, Who is like unto thee God of Abraham. The covenant keeping God, The strong tower in the days of trouble, The highly exalted one in which every knee must bow. Lord I thank you….. My sister how come? I thought your work schedules doesn’t give u time to spend with your husband.

Debbie: Yes dear, but last month we had a quikie when he started complaining but who could have thought that there was a big blessing God has packaged to come out of it. I can’t wait to tell my husband the good news.. sweety tell me about our plan, hope we are progressing?

Betty: My dear, I think so, just that I will be going home tomorrow, I can’t stay here again, I’m really missing them.

Debbie: Alright, don’t worry tomorrow you will go home.

Betty: OK dear thank you so much, you are just once in a life time .

Debbie: Haaa, What are friends for? sweety let me go home now and tell my husband.

Betty: Alright girlfriend, take care, I love you.

Debbie: I love you more and don’t expect to see me to night cos I will be spending it will my husband. bye bye **she went and peck her before rushing out with full excitement


Vick went inside the bathroom to take his bath, when he was through, he came out with white towel tied around his waist. As he was cleaning his body, he heard the door of his room opened and someone came inside, when he turned to know who the person was, he saw Blessing standing there with a cup of coffee in her hand

Vick: And what are you doing here?

Blessing: Good morning uncle, I brought you coffee.

Vick: The last time I checked, I didn’t ask you for any coffee so definitely you are at the wrong place. so carry that thing and get the hell out of my room now!

Blessing: I know you didn’t request for it but I know you will need it after we must have been through with what I came here to do.

Vick: Get out of my room now before I beat you black and blue.

Blessing: Oh come on uncle, you and I know that its just an empty threat cos you wouldn’t dare. So let’s get to the main business.

Blessing smiled and shakes her body in a seductive way, she went closer to Vick and pushed him. Vick who never saw that coming lost his balance and fell on the bed while blessing climbed on top of him, immediately Vick wanted to push her off him the door to his room suddenly opened

Debbie: Oh my God! What is happening here **she shouted**

Immediately they heard her voice blessing got of him and started crying.

Debbie: What is going on here? She asked slowly going backward.

Blessing: sis… sis.. sister he… he tried to rape me. your husband tried to rape me.

Vick: What is she talking about? Honey please let me explain. He stood up from the bed going to where his wife was standing like a dead tree. He tried to touch her but she pushed his hands away

Debbie: Don’t touch me! don’t you dare touch me **she shouted at him and ran out of the room**

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