Thursday, February 16, 2017

She Belongs To The Kitchen .......Episode 2

Victor: I can’t wait for the food o.
Kelvin: I can even perceive the captivating aroma from the food here.
You really are very lucky, man. getting such woman as a wife isn’t
easy. she is very caring, kind, hardworking and beautiful
Stephen: Of cos she should be hardworking, that was the reason why I
married her, after all women they say belongs to the kitchen.
“And of cos the other room” Victor added while they burst into laughter
few minutes later, Betty served them and they ate to their satisfaction

and left
Ti ni ti ni ti ni beeped the alarm
Betty : Oh! its 4am already and I have to prepare plantain porridge for
the kids to take to school, I’m really tired she quietly rolled out of her
bed so as not to wake her husband, knelt down and said a prayer after
which she went to the bathroom and washed her face before proceeding
to the kitchen to make breakfast
Betty brought out a loaf of bread from the cupboard and used it to
make toast bread for breakfast, she peeled the plantain cut it into
pieces and prepared it. before she finished it was 6am already .
Betty: Junior, Eva and Deborah wake up and come and have your bath.
she patted the kids on the back to wake them up
Junior: Oh mummy I want to sleep some more
Betty: will you get up from that bed you big head! she shouted at him
Junior: Every time mummy will not allow us to sleep to our satisfaction
before waking us up, see even daddy is still sleeping and snoring” he
Betty bath the kids, got them ready for school and served them food.
she got their lunch boxes ready went inside to inform her husband that
she is going out.
Betty: Honey I’m taking the kids to school, your breakfast is on the
dinning. do have a nice day at work and take good care of yourself for
me, I love you
Stephen: alright, take care
Betty: “guys, off we go” she took the kids to school after which she
drove straight to the market to buy some foodstuffs, then head back
home “Where should I start from now, a lot of works here to be done,
God please give me the strength to finish them on time
Betty started with the heaped cloths, she washed all of them then she
cleaned the house, prepared lunch for the kids before she could finish it
was already time to go and fetch the kids from school. Betty took her
bath and left for the kids school. she brought them home
Betty: children go inside your rooms and change then come down stairs
for your lunch
Eva: ooh mummy I want to eat now, I’m very hungry
Betty: Eva baby, mummy wants to wash your school uniform so be a good
girl and go to your room and change.
Eva: OK mummy, I will do as you said
Betty: thanks my baby
After their lunch, they went inside their rooms to have their nap while
Betty went on with washing and keeping the house in other, when she
finished, she started preparing dinner, when she finished she wake the
kids up and help them with their assignments, when they were through
with it, she bath them, served them dinner and forced them to sleep so
as to wake up early for school tomorrow .
when Betty finished and wanted to rest for a while her husband came
back from work .
Betty: Honey welcome back, go take your bath while I serve your dinner
Stephen: Alright dear, be fast cause am very hungry. when he finished,
he came downstairs for his dinner, he watched as Betty opened the food
to serve him “Oh my goodness! what is the meaning of this?
Betty: Honey what is it? she asked confused
Stephen: Betty what is this that you cooked, we ate this fried rice two
days ago so why cooking it again today? what is your problem eh? why
hadn’t you made use of the food timetable?
Betty: Honey if I had prepared the egusi soup, I wouldn’t have finished
it by now so I decided to cook the fried rice, tomorrow I will prepare the
soup please eat it
Stephen: eat what? you must be out of your mind to think that I would
eat this. My friend, if you know what is good for you, better start
cooking the soup now else you will have yourself to blame” he hissed and
left the dinning angrily.....

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