Thursday, February 16, 2017

She Belongs To The Kitchen ......Episode 3

Betty knows that anytime her husband behaves like that no need
pleading with him cos it will be definitely falling on deaf ears, she went
inside the kitchen and started preparing the egusi soup. when the food
was done she went ahead and serve it and left to call her husband.
Betty: Sir, I’m done with the food, its now on the dinning” she told her
husband who was busy with his laptop.
Stephen closed his laptop and left for the dinning, he ate to his
satisfaction and came back to the room. He met Betty already asleep. he
started touching her. in the process he woke her up.
Betty: What is it again? can’t I rest in this house, am I the first woman
to ever get married? must I say it before you know how tired I am, or
did you think that I never get tired? please I beg you with the name of

God to leave me alone.
Stephen: baby please let’s do it OK? after that you will go and sleep and
I will not disturb you again I promise.
Betty: You will not disturb me again? alright Mr . take a look at the
time, its 11:45 already all because I was trying to be a good servant by
preparing another dinner for my master who never have pity on his
servant, by 4am the servant will still have to wake up for another day
full of work without rest, while the master will be sleeping like a dead
lion, please let me be.
Stephen: you don’t go to work so how then will you be working all day
without rest . my friend fulfil your obligation as a wife, what is your
Betty: please dear let’s leave it tomorrow. I’m too tired for this, I
can’t do it
Stephen: you do not have a choice dear” he started touching her again
and Betty let him have his way with her.
4am in the morning Betty was already awake and started with her
normal routine, when she came back from taking the kids to school, she
met her husband still at home so she decided to use the opportunity and
discuss something with him.
Betty: love please I want to beg you for something.
Stephen: “what is it” Stephen asked nonchalantly.
Betty: please I need a washing machine, at least to reduce the house
chores .
Stephen: What for? isn’t it enough that you are not working? now you
need a washing machine, soon it will be a cooking machine (the one you
will be telling what to cook and it will be doing it for you) so that you
can always sit with those big mouth friends of yours and be gossiping
God knows what. Betty, washing clothes is part of your duty as a wife
so do it but if you have money for the so called washing machine, you
can buy it but do not use it to wash my cloths
Betty: honey, you know I can’t afford it that is why I come to you for
Stephen: if you know you can’t afford it then continue using your
hands. woman disturb me not please, as you can see, am already late for
Betty: Alright, but don’t forget that I am a graduate and I still have
my certs, since this is how you decided to be treating me, I will start to
look for a job. just take a good look at me, is this woman here the
beautiful lady you got married to? since I stopped working, you have
turned me into a maid that you can be ordering around anytime and
anyhow you like. yet you don’t ever get satisfied.
Stephen: continue talking nonsense for all I care, just don’t waste
your time looking for a job unless you wanted to dare me. this
discussion is over!
When Stephen left for work, Betty went on her knees in prayers, letting
her tears flow freely
Betty: God I know you can see all that is happening. do I really deserve
this Lord” she started singing
Kabi O o si o Kabi O o si.
You are the king of heaven and the earth
Kabi O o si o Kabi O o si. Betty sang like her life depend on it
” Lord all I ask for is for you to change my husband’s attitude towards
me in Jesus name” Betty heard someone said “Amen” she turned to see
who said it. “oh my Goodness! who am I seeing?” she exclaimed.

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