Thursday, February 16, 2017

She Belongs To The Kitchen .......Episode 4

Betty ran and hugged her best friend Deborah who was still standing at
the door.
Betty: Debbie why did you stop contacting me, its been a while now. you
just left me here. its really unfair.
Debbie : I’m so sorry girlfriend, it won’t happen again I promise. but
what happened to you? even your color had faded. do you know that if
its not because of your voice I would have mistaken you to an old
woman? seriously, this isn’t the Betty I knew.

Betty: Sweetheart, its a very long story
Debbie : I’m ready to hear it so spit it out dear
Betty: its Stephen.
Debbie : what about him?
Betty told her besty what Stephen had been doing to her.
Debbie : Oh my God! so you mean Stephen had been treating you like a
slave and you didn’t care to tell me?
Betty: “I’m sorry girlfriend” Betty said sobbing
Debbie: ahaa girlfriend don’t cry again, I believe God is in control of
everything, sometimes when you are faced with challenges you can’t get
through, when it seems there is no way out of it, he still proves that he
is God. so don’t worry, its well my sister
That’s why I love my husband so much, he is very much understanding
since they sacked him from his job, he has been very helpful to me, he
always make sure the servants does their work properly and he never
complains of my job that doesn’t give me enough time to spend with him
, I just thank God for giving me such a man.
Betty: dear, how sure are you that he is been faithful to you?
Debbie: I am the one that takes care of everything that concerns money
in our home so he wouldn’t dare bite the finger that feeds him,
Betty: just be careful dear, you never can tell and also try to be
fulfilling some of your duty as a wife, cos you dont know what tomorrow
might turn out to be, put yourself in the shoes of your husband and
know if you will be happy if he ever treats you the way you are treating
him, I know he doesn’t complain but believe, he isn’t happy about it
Debbie: Madame,.please forget about this sermon of yours and let’s
focus on making things right in your own home.
Betty: your wish is my command Ma
Debbie Bingo!!!!
Betty: bingo? babe are you alright?
Debbie: I’ve got the perfect plan to teach your husband a lesson, not
really a lesson but to make him know your worth, the work you do here
and value you, I am very sure it will work out but only if you I’ll
cooperate and do all that I will tell you to do, so the ball is now in your
court. are you in or out??
Betty: alright. I’m In
Debbie: come closer” Debbie whispered her plan in Betty’s ear.
Betty: are you sure it will work
Debbie: trust me baby girl, it will work, believe me.
Betty: I pray it do work cos I’m really getting tired of this marriage

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