Friday, February 17, 2017

She Belongs To The Kitchen ......Episode 9

By 4am the next day, Stephen who was busy sleeping was rudely
interrupted by his ringing phone. He opened his eyes and looked around
to his greatest surprise, he was sleeping on the table with Eva still tied
on his back. When he tried to stand straight, he felt a sharp pain on his
back and neck “ooh it hurts a lot” he cried out in pain. immediately he
untie the baby on his back, lay her on the bed before picking the call
without checking who the caller was.
Stephen: Hello! who is this?

Betty: Hello, honey its me Betty, good morning
Stephen: oh! its you, how are u doing baby
Betty: very well dear, how was your night?
Stephen: More than terrible **he whispered**
Betty: What dear
Stephen: I mean its very good dear
Betty: I know it should be. please I called to wake you up so that you
can start the morning duties to avoid the kids from going late to work.
Stephen: okay **he murmured before cutting the call immediately .
With heavy eyes full of sleep, Stephen said a brief prayer he went to the
bathroom and washed his face before heading to the kitchen. He opened
the cupboard and brought out the things he will be needing for the food.
He started with cooking the white yam, when he was through , he used
his phone and searched how to make egg sauce from the internet “got
it! the food will definitely be delicious” he said.
He brought out the things he will be using for it, fresh tomatoes, fresh
pepper, onions, egg and the rest. “first I will have to wash and slice
tomatoes, pepper and onions” he said to himself and started slicing the
tomato, followed by pepper, then onion, when he was cutting onions, he
started feeling its impact on his eyes, he used one of his hands to rub
his eyes forgetting that he used it to cut pepper. immediately the
pepper entered his eyes he started running around like a crazy man
“haaaaa my eyes oooh! my eyeeeees, pepper, pepper! pepper want to kill
me oo” he used his other hand to rub it and it worsened it ” oh my
goodness! pepper ooooooooh, my eyes, water water, where is water oh!
water please show yourself oooh ” he started looking for water with his
eyes almost closed , when he saw water.on a basin, he rushed and put
his hands inside it but unfortunately for him, it was a very hot water he
used to cook yam. he removed his hand immediately he felt the hotness
of it. “ahaa, now I’m sure my enemies are at work! my eyes ooo! my
hand ooh!” he continued shouting while looking for water. someone
tapped him on the back and he turned to know who it was
Junior: Daddy please take this cold water I got from the freezer to
wash your face and stop disturbing us with your loud voice. If mom had
been shouting like this each time she cooks we all must have run mad by
now. ** he said, giving him the bottle of water
Stephen: Come on give me that water before I kill you now **he
thundered snatching the water from him**
Junior started laughing at him “Daddy the cook! after all these you will
still bring out one concoction for us to eat* he burst out laughing again
while Stephen gave him a murderous look.
Stephen continued with his cooking, he fried the egg sauce, when he was
through he set it aside and began cooking the spaghetti. it took him
some minutes before he could finish, he checked the time and it was
6:45am already. “oh my goodness! this kids will definitely be late today”
he rushed to their rooms and started waking them up.
Stephen: Deborah! Junior! wake up, he patted them, Deborah was the
first to wake up
Deborah: Daddy good morning
Stephen: good morning princess, help me wake your siblings up, tell them
to remove their cloths and come to the bathroom for their bath now
Deborah: yes daddy
Stepen went ahead and got the bathing water ready before the children
got to the bathroom. He bath Eva and Junior while Deborah bath herself
. He dried Eva’s body and put her school uniform on her. When they were
all set, he served them their breakfast “Junior now pray before you
guys start eating”
Junior: Oh Lord, we thank you for this wonderful meal we are about to
eat, bless it and may it nourish us. We cast every spirit of purging out
of it. this we pray and believe you have answered us in Jesus name.
All: Amen!
They opened the food to eat…
Junior: Oh my God! another poison ooh, this one is very obvious ooo. I
can’t eat this
Deborah: Daddy will not kill us in this house. Please where is mummy? she
should come back
. Junior let’s manage and eat it OK
Junior: Eat what? this egg sauce that is filled with oil? I can’t possibly
eat this cos I strongly believe that behind this concoction lie another
set of purging patiently waiting for us.
Deborah: better lower your voice so that daddy will not hear us.
Stephen: no need for that, I already heard all. Stephen said coming
towards them with an expressionless face

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