Thursday, February 16, 2017

She Belongs To The Kitchen......Episode 6

Debbie went home immediately Stephen left. When she got home she met
her husband in the sitting room watching ball, she greeted him
Debbie: honey I’m back, good evening.
Vick: Welcome dear, How is your besty?
Debbie: she is getting better . I’m so tired and hungry now
Vick: alright, go inside take your bath, your food is on the dinning.
Debbie: OK sweety **as she was going inside their room, she saw her
sister coming out of the guest room** “who do we have here? when did
u come?

Blessing: ahaaa sissy you are back, welcome **they engaged in a tight
i really missed you
Debbie: I missed you more . How are you doing dear? have been expecting
you since I heard that your school were on strike.
Blessing: Yes sister, that is why I’m here.
Debbie: alright hope you have eaten, you really have slim down.
Blessing: yes, its because of too much stress.
Debbie: OK, we will talk more later, right now I’m starving .
Blessing: alright ** she starting going to the parlour**
Debbie went inside and took her bath after which she went and eat the
delicacy made specially for her by her husband. She has always been
grateful to God for giving her such a caring man as a husband, since
they got married 7 years ago, not for once have they had serious
quarrel , they have been living on fine even after he lost his job few
months ago nothing changed. the only thing bothering them was that
they are yet to be blessed with children and they are patiently waiting
on God’s time since medically they are perfectly fine.
When Debbie was through with dinner, she went back inside their room
and lay on the bed. Few minutes later Vick joined her, laying beside her
on the bed, he patted her at the back.
Vick: Baby, are you sleeping already.
Debbie: No dear, I was waiting for you * she put her head on his chest
caressing his checks**
Vick: I really missed this dear, its been a while we spent time together
like this.
Debbie: Love, its because of the nature of my job, it doesn’t give me
enough time to spend with you and I’m so sorry about that.
Vick: Its OK dear, at least you are here now and that’s what matters
most. ** he started kissing her, when the kiss was becoming more hot
they were rudely interrupted by Debbie’s ringing phone*** “oh dear
couldn’t you just for once switch off that phone, its 10:30pm already”
Vick said irritated.
Debbie: No love, I can’t, have you forgotten I’m a doctor
Vick: How can I ever forget the main reason why we don’t spend time
Debbie: I’m sorry, **she went ahead and pick it** “yes what is it? ”
**speaking with the person on the other line** “Oh my God! I will be
right there” she cut it and turn to her husband who was just starring
at her with an expressionless face. “honey please I need to go to the
hospital now, there is an emergency and my presence is urgently
needed, I promise to make it up to you when I return. **she said
rushing out of the bed**
Vick: of cos that had been your national anthem for the past 3 years, I
promise! I promise!! I promise!!!, when will you fulfil it. Alright you can
go, just don’t forget you have a husband too.
Debbie: I won’t, thank you. and please do take care of yourself for me
**she kissed him, put on her cloth and about to leave.
Vick: wait, I can’t let you go alone, its already late, let me drive you
there myself.
Debbie: thank you so much honey, you really are the best. I love you…
Stephen left the hospital and went home. On getting home, he met the
kids still watching cartoon at the sitting room, he left them there and
went inside the kitchen to know if he can finish cooking the food his wife
was preparing before she fainted . He started with pounding the yam,
after which he began cooking the Onuigbo soup, he put so much effort in
making the food that he was sweating all over his body, he tasted the
food to make sure its OK.
Stephen: oh! what a bitter soup! I think I should add a little sugar so
that those naughty children or mine and my wife won’t laugh at me **he
put 5 cubes of sugar and tasted it again** “mmmmmm what a sweet
soup, today they will know that I am a man with many talents, no one
can beat me when it comes to cooking” he made eba for the kids cos they
don’t like eating pounded yam, dish out their food and serve it on the
dinning, he packaged his wife own on a food flask before going to call
the kids
Stephen: children! food is ready
Junior: chai! this one daddy cooked today, hope we are safe
Deborah: you never can tell, let’s eat first

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