Wednesday, February 15, 2017


A man went for an interview in an oil company. After the interview, the Boss & the board members asked the man.
Boss; young man did you come with a paper signed by a minister, a senator or an army officer?
Man; the person that sent me assured me that the job will be given to me, And he has submitted the paper before i came.
Boss; is he a minister?.
Man; He is above a minister.

Boss; is he a governor or mr president??
Man; He is above mr president.
Boss; my friend are u alrite?. Now tell us who sent you before i get yor arrested now.
Man; Him that sent me, His Name is Almighty God, the owner of everything, both oil & gas.
There was a big silent everywhere
Boss.; young man u can go. The man went home.
After 2 weeks a letter of employment was sent to the man with free accommodation & a new prado jeep for official use.
You that is reading this post if you believe that God have signed your paper of upliftment
Please give the Lord a big "THANK YOU LORD" God will make a way for you.

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