Saturday, March 18, 2017

A friend Needs help ........

Good evening Everyone,

I most humbly need your help. Sometime last year, I invested money into a friend's business. A contract agreement was drafted and we had our lawyers review it to ensure every detail of the business was properly documented(Details of the contract and transfers are available).

I transferred the capital I was investing into his private account after he signed the contract agreement.

Eight months later, I realized that everything about the business was a fraud as my good friend failed to utilize the fund for the purpose of the business. As a matter of fact, the business never existed. For me, this is a crossroad.

As I write this post, my lawyer is preparing for a legal action but I need a help from us. I'm not resident in Nigeria hence I'm asking this favour from anyone who can be of help. I need someone to connect me with a top ranking Police officer in Lagos who can help me initiate a strong arrest. I would like to discuss with the police officer, how best to make an arrest while the lawyer proceeds with filing the case in court. Please kindly revert to me via this pin D0B99969 if you have a strong contact who can assist in the regard.

Thanks in anticipation for your quick response.....

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