Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I was in the village and i was in the only place that i ever want to be with the only person that i ever want to see, under that tree with Ada and the sun was just setting. The sky was golden and the atmosphere was serene. We were sitting on the big outstretched roots of the tree, cuddling each other and talking sweet.
"How many kids would you like to have? " i asked her. She giggled and say four.
" Hmm, same as me" i said
"I would like 2 boys and 2 girls, it would be even that way" she added. I smiled, closed my eyes and kissed her on the forehead.
"Quincy, i think someone is calling you " she whispered. I opened my eyes and everything seemed upside down, a small part of my head seemed to sting, i closed my eyes.

" Quincy someone is calling you" Princess' tiny voice rang out. I opened my eyes again and princess was sitting on me in the bed trying to hand over my phone which was ringing. I had obviously fallen asleep and was dreaming. I took the phone from her and put it to my ear, the ringing tone pierced my ear and i took it off my ear immediately, princess laughed while i smiled and picked the call.
"Hello baby, guess what?" Ada's sweet voice shouted excitedly over the speaker
"Hey sweetheart, what?"
"Guess naa"
"Okay, the king's eldest son just proposed to you?" i said and scoffed.
"Mad boy, noo"
"You won a U. S visa?"
"Hahaha, no again"
"Just tell me please " i pleaded.
"No, keep guessing"
"Ermm, you are pregnant for me"
"You are silly"
"Ada tell me naa, before i die of suspense"
" Okay, I will tell you "she said and paused while i listened.
" Well, i'm coming over to the city for my waec exams" she shouted and i jumped from my bed.
"You are coming over here Ada?" i asked excitedly.
"Yes baby, i will be staying with my aunt"
"Please when are you coming? Today, tomorrow? When baby? "
I was obliviously too excited.
"Don't worry, i will soon be there" she said
"You know i have many things i would like us to do when you come. Please make it quick"
"I will, i have to go now, talk to you later"
"Okay baby, i love you so much".
"I love you too, bye" she said and dropped the call. I threw my phone on the bed and jumped up on it. I looked at princess and she was staring at me.
"You love who?" she asked tilting her head in a funny way. I picked my phone.
"Oya take Phone, go outside and play candy crush" i said handing the phone over to her..
For the days that followed,all i did was wait on her coming like it's the second coming of Christ. I had already thought out interesting things i wanted to do with her. I lit the whole house with my excitement. Even Janet got her own share of it. I kind of followed her up with anything she wanted to do, she was a sort of control freak and nothing made her more happy than having me do the things she wanted me to do, it gave her the idea that i loved her.
The day came, i was in Janet's house, teaching her mathematics. She was slow with anything that looked like mathematics and was nonchalant about it. She just used the mathematics as an excuse to have me in their house while her parents were around.
"I know you have 3 pink and 4 red bras, so you're going to school and you dipped your hand into your bag randomly to pick one, what is the probability that you will pick a pink one?"
I was trying to explain to her the concept of probability. She just stared at me with a funny expression on her face.
"Jane see, you have to add the total number of bras in the bag and it would be..... "
"Must you talk about my bra?" she interrupted me leaning on the table and supporting her chin with her hand.
"I'm just trying to give examples this girl "
" must it be my bra? "
" Ok, let's use your pants" i said and laughed.
" No, Q why how did you know the color of my bras? "
And that was how our maths lesson ended and bra colors took over. We were still talking about it when my phone rang. An unsaved number appeared on the screen. I rushed it before Janet could snatch it away, i picked and Ada's melodious voice came up.
" Baby i'm in my aunts house " she said excitedly. I maintained my calm. I didn't want Janet intruding although whenever my phone rings, she automatically concludes its a girl that's calling and she's not always wrong. She stared at me as I talked with Ada, she gave me the address to her aunts house and it was a bit far but i guess love knows no barrier. I couldn't wait for another time to see her and so i decided i was going to meet her right away.
"I have to go, there's something i need to do" i said to Janet as i dropped the call and got up from my seat.
"Whats that? " she asked looking up at me
" I have to get my mom's car from the mechanics workshop" i lied
"Ok, i will go with you " she said getting up from her seat
" No, i will first go to the Atm to get money for the mechanic and i will be trekking"
"I can cope, let me change "
" No, i need to be fast, taking you along will delay me" i said desperately trying to keep her off.
"I will be fast, you know i walk faster than you".
Janet is a stubborn girl but i couldn't afford to compromise here, not because of her but for the sake of Adaobi.
"My mom said i should go alone ".
That was a lame excuse but i was running out lies.
"Quincy!!" she shouted
"See eh, don't worry, i will be back soon" i finally said. I kissed her and ran out before she could call me back. I flagged down a bike as soon as i got outside and we rode off.

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