Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Ada came out to meet me at a spot a little distant
from where they lived. She ran to me without her
arms stretched for a hug, i hugged her and
lifted her
off the ground, whirled her around and dropped her.
We held each other in a tight embrace for some time
before i we disengaged and i observed her all over.
She wore lose blue gown but her features were still
well defined. I observed her long enough to decide that
i hadn't made a mistake in falling for her. She was my
spec and i could trade anything for her even Janet. I
took her to a nearby pavement and i sat on it while
she sat on my laps.

"Who's phone did you call me with?" i asked her
"My aunt's own, don't call it but i will always call you
with it"
"Okay or maybe i will get my sister to do what she did
the other".
She smiled and her facial features lit up. In that
moment that we were alone, nothing else mattered,
not even the chance that her aunt could bust in on us,
all that mattered was that we were together once
more and was going to make the most out of it. The
time was a little to 6pm and we weren't in a rush to
leave. Her aunt was a nurse and so had gone for her
night shift while the husband was still at work.
"When will you be coming to my house?" i asked her
"Whenever you want "
" I want now"
"You know its not possible, i just got here, it will look
like am a bad girl" she said
"Hmmm, are you a good girl?" i asked her and smiled
"Quincy! " she called and frowned.
" Don't mind me, you know you are my queen, i was
just kidding". She smiled and kissed me, i held onto
her as our lips made noise as we kissed. We laughed
and she stood up. We decided it was getting late and
we had to leave, i walked her hand in hand to their
gate where we hugged and kissed each other
I was back at Janet's house the next day where we
Romanced her maths textbook. This time around, we
were in her room and the door was locked on her
parents suggestion, they didn't want her younger ones
disturbing us, if only they knew.
"I'm hot" Janet said fanning herself with her fingers.
"Of course you are hot, with your killer curves and
everything " i said pretending not to understand what
she meant by being hot.
" Don't be silly, can't you see i'm sweating here"
"Yes now, you are smoking hot, why won't you
She hissed at me, got up from the bed and switched
on the fan. She came back and sat on my laps. I
dropped her on the bed and kissed her. We kissed and
kissed and that was all that we did. She had earlier
put a stop to our sexual activities ever since she
attended a church program where the pastor strongly
condemned premarital sex, meanwhile the pastor had
been rumored to be banging the choir girls.
We ended our supposed mathematics lesson by 5pm
and i got up to go. My eyes fell on a Nokia torchlight
phone that was on her drawer.
"Are you using it?" i asked her picking it up.
"No, why do you ask?"
"I need it"
"what for?"
"for something, you ask too many questions" i said
"You always say that whenever you are up to
something mischievous" she said.
"Don't worry, you don't need to know".
I left with the phone while she saw me off, dragging
me along.
I bought a simcard, registered it and gave the phone
to Adaobi and that bridged our communication gap to
an extent.
She had called me one day and asked me to suggest a
school for her, her aunt was going to enroll her in a
school and wanted her to make the enquiries herself.
She had wanted to come to my school but i wouldn't
have that. It would be a total disaster considering
that she may end up in the same class with Janet.
We ended up choosing another school which was a
little close to mine and it was where princess
schooled. A Clever me knew i had higher chances of
seeing her everyday if she was there, my cover was
picking up princess from school which was my mom's
duty until Ada came and i relieved her of it. She
thanked God that her Son was shaping into a
responsible young man who cared about his family
while I thanked God for that beautiful opportunity.
I had only one problem. Janet. I was her boyfriend
and also her handbag. She loved showing me off like i
was an expensive chanel bag. She had insisted she
would follow me anytime i went to pick Princess and i
had bluntly refused. It became a messy issue, of
course she wasn't stupid, she probably suspected
something was fishy. She fought and fought and lost.
She was gradually losing her relevance to me, Ada
had taken over. All my times were spent with Ada and
Janet saw little of me. It drove her crazy until she
couldn't take it anymore. She came into my class one
day while we were on break. She wanted to talk and i
didn't want to. She had insisted or hell would be let
lose. I was scared of hell so i had to give in.
"Quincy was it something i did?" she asked as she
held my hand. We were seated alone at the back of
the class. She was getting emotional and i was
disliking the whole drama.
"Jane you did nothing and nothing is wrong, i'm still
with you, am i not? "
" No, you are not, you are pushing me away and you
know it, and it's hurting me" she was obviously trying
her best not to cry and i prayed she doesn't, to save
me the embarrassment.
"I'm sorry if you feel that way, its just that i have
been busy and nothing more. I still love you Jane ". I
said that but i wasn't sure i meant it.
" Then why don't come looking for me again? Why
don't you call, and when i call, you don't pick, Quin
" I told you i have been busy, i wonder why you are
making so much fuss over nothing "..
The bell rang for end of break and she had to go back
to her class. We arranged to meet after school. She
would accompany to pick my sister from school.
Adaobi didn't go to school that day so it was safe.
We walked all the way to princess school and walked
back together. It was a bit fun as k carried princess
on my head. A feeling still existed between us but
what i felt for Ada was much more and i had prayed it
was not the effect of our newly found love which often
faded as time goes on. I accompanied Janet right to
their gate, she hugged me and i felt a pang of guilt
pierce my heart. She obviously loved me but the
feeling was deviating from being mutual.
"Janet" i called her as she wanted to go inside their
"Yes" she answered and turned
"I'm sorry but i'm seeing someone else" i said. I felt
like I needed to let her know. I didn't want to
disappoint her or hurt her more than she already was.
I don't know how i expected her to react to it but her
reaction wasn't expected.
She barely nodded as a string of tear fell of her left
eye. She said goodbye and closed the gate behind her.
I carried my little sister home feeling guilty and free.
To Be Continued

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