Friday, March 10, 2017


We drove back to my house silently as Ada sobbed. Princess stared at us from the back seat. I wasn't in the mood to say anything to her. It was funny that after all that had happened, i was only bothered with Ada's welfare. We got home and i carried Princess while i held Ada's hand as we went inside. I left princess in my mom's room and took Ada to mine. We both Sat on the bed and stared at the wall. Ada had stopped crying, she just sobbed and sniffed.
"What do we do?" she asked me

"I don't know, he deserves whatever happened to him for Trying to force himself on you" i sounded stone cold and mean. It was Ada and i cared less about any other person. She snuggled closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder. She cried and i consoled her. It hurts me when i see her crying. I loved Ada fiercely and it even scared me.
"we need to take our bath and you need to change your cloth" i told her and she nodded. I heated water for our bath and we both went in together. I virtually bathed her as she was to numb to do anything. It was a bit refreshing as we cuddled under the shower. I kissed her a number of times before we left the bathroom. I wrapped her in my very big towel as we went into Chinaza's room to look for clothes.
"I don't think any of Chinaza's pants can size you because your butt is two times her own" I said and she gave me the first smile since that day and it lit my heart. We scavenged through Chinaza's wardrobe and later found a gown i assumed will fit her. It did fit her, all though a bit tight on her, it was perfect and made her look more sexy.
I checked on my little sister and she had fallen asleep. I went back to my room with Ada and we sat on the bed.
"What would you like to eat?" i asked her
"Nothing, i don't have the appetite " she said calmly. I too didn't have the appetite.
" Do you think he is still lying down there?" she asked me with worries all over her face.
"I don't know, where are your aunts children? " I asked as i remembered that i didn't see them.
" Uncle sent them out to a friend's house. Maybe he didn't want them to be around when he wanted to rape me" she said.
"I think we should go to the police " i said, it was eventually dawning on me what i just did. I had probably killed a man.
" But they will arrest you, Quincy i don't want anything to happen to you because of me" she cried.
"Ada i don't care.. "
" Let's go to my house and check on him, maybe he didn't die, maybe he just passed out" Ada said with tears in her eyes. I cuddled her to myself, i was trying to comfort her but i also needed comforting myself.
"Let's go to your house first. You will eventually go there in the end, so i think its better we go now" I said. She agreed. I woke Princess up and we took her with us. I couldn't leave her alone in the house. This time around, we didn't take the car. We took a bike.
We got to the house and everywhere was quiet. We slipped into the room where everything happened. With my heart in my mouth, i pushed the door open and the floor was wet with clotting blood but the floor was bare. His body was no longer there..
We searched around the house but it was virtually empty. We went back to the room wondering what must have happened.
"Quincy whats that red thing on the ground" Princess asked me
"Its tomato sauce " i replied her
" It looks like blood" she said.
"No its not blood"
"I don't like this house, let's go home" she said. Neither of us liked staying there too. We left the room, on our way out to the parlor, Ada's aunt came in.
"Aunty good afternoon" Ada greeted her and i too greeted her. She was on her uniform, she looked smart in it but her face wasn't so bright. She looked all worried. She had barely nodded at our greetings.
"Adaobi where have you been since?" she asked
"Aunty i was at school, i'm just coming back now" Ada lied. She was fast with the reply like it was premeditated.
"And who is he?" She asked regarding me
"He is my friend, i attend the same school with his sister"
It wasn't exactly a lie but she left out the fact that little princess was the schoolmate. Her aunt didn't bother to ask.
"Aunty i saw blood in your room, a whole lot of blood and i became afraid, that was why i invited him"
"Ada its your uncle o" she said and her eyes moistened "I came home only to meet him in his own pool of blood, no one was at home and i had to call people who helped me take him to the hospital." she finished in tears.
I didn't know how to react, i wasn't an actor. I just kept mute and stared like i was shocked. I wasn't supposed to act more than i did, after all i was just meeting her aunt and the husband for the first time.
"What happened to him?" Ada seemed to shout.
"He had injuries at the back of his head, he is unconscious right now and the doctors are trying to revive him, he lost a lot of blood and they are looking for donors." she explained.
"Let's go and see him" Ada said.
"We will go back, let me cook something for when he wakes up".
She went to prepare food, while Ada wiped the room of the blood. Little princess walked all over the house like she had lived there for a hundred years. Soon we were set and we left for the hospital. The doctor was still looking for blood donors, apparently, his wife's didn't match his.
"Can you check mine?" i asked as they were making calls trying to contact their family members. Everyone looked at me and i shrugged. I was immediately checked, scans conducted and my blood matched his. I was drained at intervals. It wasn't a wonderful experience and i couldn't believe i did for a man whom i now hated so much but then, the harm was done by me in the first place and if he died, it would be my fault. His wife and Ada thanked me so much. Ada was by me as we went through that phase, our bond grew stronger by the minute and she couldn't hide her affection for me even in front of her aunt.
I guess she was too occupied to even bother. The man woke up later in the day, he was grateful for my help. He said he had fallen down in his room and busted his head on the tiled floor. The wound on his head made the story a convincing one.
I breathed a sign of relief when everything was over. I, Ada and Princess went home later in the evening. I escorted Ada to their house, kissed her Goodbye and and took my sister home..

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