Friday, March 10, 2017


Things moved on. I became a highly placed guest at Ada's home but that in no way affected my hatred for the aunt's husband. Ada always liked to have me around the house, first, for my company and secondly, in case her uncle decided to do something funny. Our waec exams were getting closer and everyone was busy with studies. I started attending extra lessons. Ada managed to convince her aunt and she too joined me. We would go by 2pm and come close by 6pm, by the time we were through playing love and everything, we would be getting home around 7:30.
Everyone at the lesson center knew us as a couple. Most of our various school mates attended the lessons with us and that included Janet. She had stopped talking to me and i supposed she had moved on.

Surprisingly, Ada was smarter than she looked. She loved answering questions there and soon became popular, all the guys wanted to know her, she was cute and sexy and so it was a normal thing. I loved showing her off to everyone and my classmates thought she was cute. I was the mr handsome and every girl around wanted to fling. I did flirt around but i tried to keep it moderate. Ada didn't mind much, she seemed glad that a lot of girls wanted what she had. She knew she had me and in the end, it was us alone in our world.
I seemed to notice that Janet stared at me once in a while. She would take her eyes away anytime i caught her. I decided it wasn't cool for me to observe her from afar, after all we were once together.
"Janet" i called her as i walked up to her after lesson one day. She looked at me and looked away.
"Are you now going to start ignoring me" i asked her
"What do you want from me" she asked facing me.
"Nothing, just thought i should know how you are doing for old times sake"
"I'm doing fine as you can see" She was trying her best to sound harsh but I saw through her camouflage and i saw the softness in her. I know Janet like i know the palms of my hand, she wouldn't even be standing there with me if she didn't care.
"I see, nice to know" i said.
"So that's the village girl you are sleeping with now eh? " she asked with so much bitterness in her voice. I looked at Ada's direction and saw her smiling at me. A guy was telling her something but her attention was on me. I loved being cocky atimes, so i decided to give Janet a cocky answer.
" Yes, she's the one"
"So she gives it easily to you or what, is that why?"
"Hmm, maybe, i don't have to fight for it". The reply got to her, she stood speechless, we stared at each other for a while before Ada came and took me away.
I was in my room that night when my phone rang, i looked and it was Janet. Curiously i picked her call.
"Hello?" i said
"Quincy. Its Janet"
"Oh, whats up? " i asked
" nothing, will you be free tomorrow? "
" It depends on why you are asking"
" I want to see you " she said with a little stammer.
" Why, what for? " i asked
" I need your help with my maths, i'm serious now"
"Fine, lets wait for tomorrow "
" Goodnight"
" Yea, Goodnight "
I was really apprehensive about Janet's motive, she could get anybody she wanted to teach her mathematics. She had chosen me definitely for a reason and i was afraid i may not be able to resist her.
Janet came around the next day, around 11 am. I was alone in the house. She looked good and was on a black gown that outlined her body, she looked sexy on it.
We took the study to the study table in my room. I was determined to keep the relationship on a study basis. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but i did try. She seemed to be learning quicker than before and that made it fun.
I tried my best to clear up any issue that may come up in the future, i made sure Ada always came in time to meet us studying, she would join us and when it was time for us to go for our lessons, we would go together. Ada didn't mind mind, i couldn't say the say for Janet, if she did mind, she never showed it but she always seemed quiet and so distant anytime Ada came in. Ada was becoming a little more carefree and bold which was a little contrast of Janet. I don't think she liked it and i don't think i cared.
My private lessons with Janet went on normally for days until after sometime, i noticed i was becoming more attracted to her and i didn't know why, maybe it was as a result of her sudden humble composure. Janet had never been much of a talkative but she wasn't timid either, one could easily tell by observing her that she was so full of herself. She had everything that any girl would pray for so it wasn't out of place for her to be proud of it. All that seemed to have changed now. She actually now listens when people speak, people like me, and admits her faults unlike before. I found myself helplessly getting addicted to her, i started looking forward to our private time together. I didn't like it but i couldn't help it. She seemed to have known my weakness and was using it on me, she let herself be controlled by me and did all i asked her to and that was all she needed to get to me. She seemed to have taken a little part of the space that Ada had occupied all these while and she didn't even work hard for it.
On a day like any other day, we were on the table, solving her maths textbook, we looked at each other more than we looked at the textbook. Her radiant skin, her crystal white eyes and lovely smile formed by a deep pink lips got me weak. I really wanted so much to hold her like i used to but i didn't want to let Ada down. She seemed to have noticed my uneasiness and smiled, she held my hand on the table and i looked away, i wasn't talking anymore, in that flipping moment of passion when it seemed that i wanted nothing else, nothing more but her, to kiss her, hold her in my arms and tell her that she was beautiful, all i could do was wish that Ada would come in and put an end to all this nonsense but Ada was nowhere to be found. I looked at janet and she was still staring at me.
"Janet please, lets not do this" i said weakly and she smiled
"Not do what Quincy? " she asked, she had this way of calling my name that i really loved and at that point in time, it made things worse. I just bit my lips and stared. I have always loved girls and they in turn had loved me back. Janet put her hand on my cheek and caressed it, it was more than i could take, i grabbed her and kissed her like i had always wanted to do it. I pulled her up and soon we found our way to the bed. She quickly undressed in a frenzy and i followed suit. She grabbed me and we kissed more before i spread her legs and ...................

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