Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I Know Its Bad,but I Feel Jealous If My Wife Talks With My Father..advice Me...

Hi.i am 34 years old and works with a nice company..i stay with my wife and daughter,in delhi,my wife is 28 years old and my daughter is 2 years wife is very beautiful and her body size is 34 30 34,and height of 5'3" and weight 56 kgs,"i m a lean man with 5'6"height with 60 kgs weight"..

.we married 5 years ago,we have a normal sex life..but as a normal husband and wife we sometimes fight for small things,now from last 10 days my father who is 54 years old has come to stay with us in our house for 4 months because he is here for medical treatment,he is 5'10 height with 75 kgs mother has died 3 years ago,and my father generallly lives in from last 10 days sometimes i feel my wife n my secrecy are getting worse..earlier me and my wife with my kids stay but now father stays here along with us for 4 months,we live in a 2 bedroom hall flat..sometimes i go on night shift in my office.i do 10 days a month night shift job,now i feel my wife time getting divided in between me and my father...she also goes to his room to give water and food and sometimes watch tv ,because tv is in the room where father is staying now...i feel sometimes jealous if my wife talks to my wife sometimes in evening wears nighty without inner wife is not shy type of lady..she is normal..if u talk she will reply u,its not like she will ignore it...what aree chances my father n wife might do some adventure in night,while i m on duty ?

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