Sunday, March 26, 2017

Phobia of love tycoon Episode 1

It was an evergreen day in one of the best
federal universities in nigeria when the freshers
were having fun on the day of their matriculation
As they were singing and dancing,Denilson (A
guy of average tall-height,dark in complexion who
happened to be a son of a business tycoon and
that gives him a pride)with his second friend
Ramena (who is the only son of a civil servant)
sighted Justice their friend at the corner of the
hall alone with himself reading a novel written by

“”Jussy are you not dancing?””they both asked
after half-dragging him to the dance floor.
“”Guys leave me i don’t feel like””he replied.
“”Book wormer,you still dey read on the matric
day,nawa for you oo””they said that and
jokingly,they left.
When Justice cannot withstand the GBEDU
coming from the speaker,he decided to have a
short dance with a lady.
While thinking about this,he saw a Elizabeth,a
young lady of average height,fair in
complexion,very beautiful and possibly could be
called a gem stone.
Initially he felt like going but he knew that when
it comes to “toasting matters” he and his two
friends are nothing but a NOVICE
**Justice go and meet her** his second mind
told him.
‘”He–ll—oo dear, i’m justice by name.will you like
to have a dance with me””He asked in a
stammering manner
“”No thank you””Elizabeth replied in a frown way
as she walked out of him
**what kind of humman is this**he thought as
he watched her walking out of his presence.
On Monday morning when the student were
waiting for the lecturer
Denilson,ramena and justice were found chatting
“”Guys you won’t believe what happened to me
on the matric day when you said i should try to
have a dance with a damsel””Justice called on to
his friends
“”Let hear you out bro””Den and Ram both asked
him eagerly
“”There was this girl who………””{before justice
could finished talking the lady entered}””Yes here
she comes,that’s her””Justice said in conclusion.
“”See fine girl,OH MY GOSH!!!
,omo this babe na queen oo””Den who has been
carried away by elizabeth b**bs said in
“”Guy you better no cross you bound cos that
babe go tell you the story of how your papa and
mama birthed you””Ram said in a submissive
“”Watch me as i get her,””Den whispered
“”And let see if you are brave enough””Justice
said in enthusiastic manner
After the day lecture,as the lady was about
stepping out of the class.Den intentionally
bumped into her
“”Oh i’m sorry babe,permit my manners””Den said
in a meek manner
“”No problem””Elizabeth said as she made
attempt to go.
“”Ehm –my na–me is Denilson, the only son a
chief Stober” he said that with pride
“”Why the prolonged introduction””Elizabeth said
“”Ehm ..i’m sorry but seeing you like this,i felt
you resemble my mum’s sister, i want to tell you that i love….

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