Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Touching Story!.....

A woman went for an interview in an oil company. After the interview, the Boss & the board members asked the woman. Boss; young lady did you come with a paper signed by a minister, a senator or an army officer?

Young lady ; the person that sent me assured me that the job will be given to me, And he has submitted the paper before I came. Boss; is he a minister?.

Young lady ; He is above a minister. Boss; is he a governor or mr president??
Young lady ; He is above mr president. Boss; my friend are you alright?. Now tell us who sent you befor i get you arrested now. Young lady; Him that sent me, His Name is Almighty God, the owner of everything, both oil & gas. There was a big silent everywhere Boss.; Young lady; you can go. The Young lady went home. After 2 weeks a letter of employment was sent to the woman with GOOD Salary of $9800 us dollar per month, free accommodation & with a Brand new CAR for official use. That is how God wipe her tears away, today she living fine.
You that is reading this post and you believe that God will done a miracle for your life and signed your paper of upliftment Please type Amen and share
I decree to the hand that will type Amen,and share, as this young lady testify, so shall you testify too in Jesus name.Amen

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