Tuesday, April 11, 2017


1. Before you woo her, wow her!

2. Show her who you are. Trying to tell her is an indication that you are doing a bad job!

3. Your conversation must reveal her place, her power and her destiny! Look at Adam, he knew this... 'bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh...

4. Don't brandish things ahead of YOU. Let her meet you!

5. Don't rush a woman. Give her the chance to see your value then asking her out will only be a formality!

6. Value what she values if you want her to value you!

7. Respect her, she will adore you!

8. I got your mother in three easy steps,
I prayed to meet her, met her and gave her my life. She fell for it!

9. Even 'bad girls' are desperate for men who fear God, be one!

10. No lady ever said 'No' to me all my life!
I am not like super handsome nor did I use magic powers. I simply kept my mouth shut until I did my home work!
Relate, observe and understand before you make your move!

11. Being spiritual is not being stupid! No lady will accept a man she cannot be proud of in this physical world

12. Get productive or forget it! Love is expensive and you can't give excuses for too long!
Money answereth all things including relationships!

13. Make money. If she makes the relationship cheap, she can't force marriage to drop price. It will require money! Real money

14. Confidence will attract her. Marriage won't be a pity party, she wants a man who has more than just a male organ. You got to love, lead and provide!

15. Do not take pride in how many women you get, it is not power, it is weakness!

16. If you keep looking for the perfect girl, you will find it hard to settle and have a good life. Once you find yours, she is the perfect one!

17. Never pretend about your finances. If she can't appreciate the luxury of your poverty, she shouldn't see your promised land

18. Be a complete man! Have the fires of adventure in your eyes. Let her see the calm of a husband in your conduct and the composed character of a Father in your personality! Be many things because she is looking for all of them!

19. I don't have all the answers but God does. You just need to talk to Him and it's done!


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