Saturday, April 29, 2017

A sub Needs advice....

Good morning admin. So sorry to post this now, but i really need this advice. It started 3 weeks ago when i went with my bff to her cousin's birthday party which ended late, we went to her elder brother's house to pass the night. In the morning we had to freshen up before we left. On getting to the bathroom, it was so dirty that i had to innocently clean up the place before taking my bath after which we left. Fast forward to this monday, a guy started calling me that he was my secret admirer which was so annoying that i had to warn him never to call me again and even went as far as blocking his call but he won't give up. He latter used another number to call me, but this time told me he was my Friend's brother whom we spent the night at his place, that he took my contact from his sister's phone. LSS, that cos of my act, he had to breakup with his girlfriend which also happens to be my friend and now want me. Reasons being that she doesn't do domestic chores for him. My question is, was i wrong to clean his bathroom? Should i tell "his ex" what's going on?

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