Saturday, April 29, 2017


N.B: For better understanding and maximum fun, if you miss  the preceding episode , I advise you revisit and read.

She started struggling on my bed, kicking her legs and moaning painfully, gasping for breath.
My heart skipped a thousand beat, before I could understand what was happening, she collapsed on the bed.
I fearfully stared at my unconscious visitor Confused, nauseous and lost.
“please don’t do this to me” I pleaded seriously.

Tears fell from my eyes,serious manly tears. My heart pounded furiously.
The poor girl breathed her last, a very heavy breathe it was before keeping still, leaving me all alone to my fate. All alone and hopeless.
I was left with the choice to tell the truth.
  A freaking truth which no one would buy.
“No no no” I cried with panic, jumped out of the bed and wore my trouser. My mind was set on going out to seek help. To scream, to cry out loud. “Perhaps my neighbours could be of assistance”  I reasoned with a cold shiver. But on second thought I played down my fears and decided not to seek external help. She wasn’t breathing, she already was freaking gone. I felt her pulse over
and over again.

Desperately, I tried breathing into her mouth to see if she can start breathing again but to no avail.
I pressed on her chest a hundred times over, but nothing worked.
I fell back with fear, while the consequences of my predicament ran through my head. I was in a very deep shit. I needed no one to tell me that I only had a little time to think out a good explanation or plan.

Time was running out fast. Dawn was quickly approaching.
“Damn” I exclaimed as my head played back our last moment together. I really was ruined, definitely fucked.
“Damn 2go” I hissed, wondering what must have happened to her.
“perhaps she’s asthmatic or something. Perhaps I woke up too late to save her. Jeez” I cursed,
reached for her handbag and searched it for drugs or something similar but found nothing.

Slowly my clock struck 4:10am, I had little time left.
“I have to act fast. I have to move her body” I reasoned with a fearful courage.
“Where will I dump her?, how do I cover my tracks?, did anyone see us together the previous evening?” I wondered as I pulled her down from my bed.............

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