Saturday, April 29, 2017

DILEMMA ....... Episode 3 

N.B: For better understanding and maximum fun if you miss any of the preceding series, I advise you revisit and read. Enjoy!

I quickly pulled off her night wear and
dressed her up with the clothes she wore
from her place.
A black jean trousers and a pink top. It truly was the most difficult and irritating task I have ever done in my entire life, Pulling off clothes from a dead person.
The worst aspect of it was that it was
trousers,, putting that trousers on her was like an uphill task but i had to do it.

I turned her facing down and facing up at
intervals to make sure the trouser entered
Putting on her bra and pink polo wasn’t that difficult. “What next?” I asked myself as I looked out of my room window. The hostel (lodge) gate was still locked. There wasn’t anyway I could carry
her out of the lodge without waking the
gateman or seen by early morning weed
smokers (annoying students who were fond of smoking hemp in front of some hostels).
Moreover the hostel lights were equally on and glaring.

I rubbed my face in desperation. I was living at the top-most floor and so had little or nothing to hope on. It was a do or die affair. I left my room and took a quiet tour round the lodge. Fortunately no one was outside, which really was a very big relief.I went round the lodge searching for a quiet hidden place I could dump her body. Of course I wasn’t thinking
of dumping her outside the lodge because there wasn’t a way I could do it without being seen.

I couldn’t ask the gateman to open the gate without arousing suspicion nor scale the fence with such a heavy load. I had to look for a spot within the lodge to dump the body.
Finally an idea quickly struck me. There was a staircase at the extreme end of wing "C" which was hardly used because the three stairs at the front and middle back of the big hostel was the most preferred by everyone.
The staircase was exactly the kind of place I was badly searching for.
There wasn’t any bulb underneath it like the other staircases _(the bulbs were probably stolen) and so had poor visibility even in the afternoon.

My only fear was that the cleaners who swept the lodge every morning might discover her on time. Perhaps before I could be able to dispose her handbag and other belongings which I intend
disposing at a place very far from the lodge later in the morning.
Seriously i never imagined my heart could be as dark as it was that fateful morning, but it got me to realise that the heart of man is very dangerous especially when faced with an unimaginable circumstance.
I quickly inspected the staircase, rushed to my room and carried the poor girl’s body.
Discreetly i headed back to the staircase, my heart almost at breaking point............ watch out for the next episode

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