Saturday, April 29, 2017

DILEMMA ......episode 5

I cracked my head searching for a good river but couldn’t remember any. In desperation I thought of other alternatives.
“A good bush will do” I concluded as I
remembered a very large bush, four hostels behind mine. The bush really was at the end of the street, a yet to be developed plot. But I was very unsure of the best time to head to the place.
I knew there wasn’t a way I could go there
without being seen by many students and my movement might draw suspicion due to the sack bag in my possession and if eventually Nmeka’s body is found, tongues may talk and I could be caught, I reasoned.

“The only solution was to head out of the
school environs with my load perhaps
towards the small mechanic village which
was fifty naira bus drop away from my lodge, find a good refuse dump site and dispose everything” .
Luckily her body wasn’t discovered that
morning and so by 7:45am, I smashed her phone sim and memory card wrapped the
debris in a small nylon before flinging it with the phone back into the sack bag. Soon after I left the lodge with my load and headed towards mechanic village, nervous, shaken but determined.

It was very easy to find a burning refuse
dump site when I got there. I quickly
disposed everything and headed back to my lodge a bit relieved.
All that was left was to sit and wait for the
poor girl to be discovered.
I kept to myself, acting cool and trying hard not to behave in a way that could draw suspicion. It wasn’t easy, I couldn’t eat, sleep nor do anything. I was conscious of everything, plus I began seeing things. Strange weird things,
Perhaps it was my imagination, perhaps it
was guilt and fear but I truly wasn’t myself anymore.

I didn’t kill the girl but I wronged
her spirit. I felt she was everywhere I went, staring at me with her dark eyes.
Then she was discovered!
An early monday cry from one of the cleaners
ripped the whole lodge apart..........

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