Sunday, May 14, 2017


My sis met this guy early last year,so this guy ask her to be pregnant for her before they can do wedding,tho she refused in the first instance but due to the love she has for him she agreed to take in,but after she took in she now discovered that this guy has a wife at home which they lived together,and she confronted him,but he said he knows what he want that the other woman has not take in since she has been in his house,that he knows what to do about the lady,so she ask my sis to go and meet his family in their home town,ever since then this man as not showed up,he dosnt care about her anymore,he hardly call,and now the mother in-law has been pressuring her,making the house unbearable for her,but if she called the husband to explain what is going on he will never believed her but believes anything the mum tells him,now the husband told her that the for them living together under the same roof is impossible...
Pls what can she do
Insult is allow

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