Wednesday, May 24, 2017


  Have you ever wondered why you sit next to a pretty gal /boy in any weather condition  and you just can't breathe properly?Have you tried to know how to stop those foul smell that can kill an ant 😊?Have you ever wondered why your relationship fails most time ?I will be educating you all today on this crucial matter that seem to be an everyday stink to the body 
There are pple who go about with thw knowledge that they had the odour from birth and all that shit?The question is Do you know just lemon or lime can stop that smell,all u need do is cut the lemon or lime into 2 and use it to scrub ur armpit every day even cumcumber ,it will reduce the odour and stop buying cheap perfumes of 500,1k ,some perfumes mixes with ur sweat gives u a different smell that one will think goat just passed😁😁😁.Use designers perfumes or other 3k-5k perfumes. Trust me ,consistently used will give u a change of smell and u will come back saying Queen u are the best ..

Have a nice day all

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