Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I am still in shock....
Men Beware!!!!!

By Anthony Oha

On my way back from Enugu, I got really pressed to ease myself at an abandoned filling station. So, I got down from my SUV after parking off the road close to the abandoned filling station. Just as I squatted to begin the discharging of the unwanted thing out of my system, I saw a very huge snake moving out close to where I squatted. The sight of the snake got me frozen. I began praying that the snake should pass without observing my presence. Suddenly, as the snake crawled out into the road it turned into a human being: a beautiful, tall, fair lady.

 Her skill was glittering and radiating in the sun. I was amazed. I began praying silently, then the lady turned towards my direction, looked briefly, faced forward and moved across the road. She stood waiting for lift and I was watching from my hideout. Within five minutes, a car parked and picked her. I immediately got out of my hiding, rushed into my SUV and tailed them. They moved into Owerri Municipal and straight to Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education where the vehicle stopped. I saw something like exchange of mobile numbers and then a long kiss between them. As soon as the lady walked into the campus, I rushed after the vehicle and overtook the driver. I waved him to stop but he was afraid and I followed him until we got to a police check point where he now stopped. I narrated the whole episode to the man who began vomiting because he had kissed her. When we tried calling the number she gave him behold we heard nothing but hissing snake sound. The man fainted on the spot. Thank God the police was there. He was rushed to the hospital where he began vomiting blood. I left there more worried because many men have slept with real snakes because they were adventurous in their escapades. This is real and I am still shocked. May God help us.


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