Monday, May 29, 2017


Its better to date a guy who will waste your lipstick 💋💋with kisses, than dating a guy who will waste your mascara with tears😭😭... Maturity is when your girlfriend is shouting😬and nagging at you,😏and you move close to her, kiss her forehead and say" babe i am sorry🙏🙏. A real guy don't wait for his girlfriend to ask for 💵💷 or 🎁🎁🎁before he gives it to her. You treat her like a rag,⬛ she met another guy that
treats her like a queen 👰👰and you called it cheating.👺👺
YOU DEY MAD infact CRAZE dey ur head 👹👹.
The girl you dumped🐼,another guy will date her even marry her👸👸Vise Versa . All na second hand👌👌. A real man never stops trying to show his girlfriend how much he loves❤her even after he has gotten her.💑💑ALWAYS TREASURE WHAT YOU HAVE..
True or false!
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