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My name is Tom and I am an Las Giddy guy. And just had to tell you all about the best S3@.x:’ual experience I ever had.

I spent a couple of years living and working in Lagos, sharing a 3 bed apartment with my best friend Jamiu and his friend Emeka.

I and Jamiu worked together in the same department in a large company, working with several women of all age groups and had a great time working and flirting with the women there same of whom were married.

We’d spend time with them after work in the bar on a Friday night and because we were the only men in the department we would always flirt that little bit more with them once we’d all had a few beers, they certainly seemed to enjoy the attention they got.

Anyway lets bring you to the night in question, it was the departments Christmas party, set in some trendy restaurant in Lagos not to far from where we lived.

The night started slowly but after the meal, and several drinks later everybody was up dancing away on the dance floor. Jamiu was dancing slowly with a married woman from the office called Terri. They seemed to be dancing very close and Terri seemed to be enjoying the attention Jamiu was showing her. Now Terri is an attractive lady in her 30s married for about 10 years, slightly chubby but all in the right places, big tits about a 36d and a S3@.x:’y mature butt. Anyway once the song had finished they came back to the table and Terri looked a little flushed, and headed straight for the toilets, I asked Jamiu what happened up there on the dance floor and he just said he’d just had a little fill, and told me to dance with her next and try my luck, so once she returned I grabbed her arm and took her to the dance floor, we danced to a slow song and she was certainly getting turned on as she kept squeezing my butt so I kept rubbing my hands over hers and holding her very close to me so as I could see down her blouse and look at her cleavage.

After some more drinks and dancing between the two of us Terri was now flirting with us and grabbing us onto the dance floor, dancing very seductively between the two of us.

The party was almost at a close and I suggested to her, to come back to ours for a night cap as we lived so close. To which she agreed,

After finally saying goodbye to everyone we headed back to our place, all three of us arm in arm, both myself and Jamiu grabbing and stroking Terri butt all the way home.

Once inside I put on some soft music and poured out some wine for us all. Jamiu got Terri up dancing straight away and carried on from where they left off.

Within minutes they were kissing and Jamiu had his hand on her tits and was having a good feel, not wanting to be left out I joined them and started groping her butt and kissing the back of her neck she turned her head slightly and French kissed me, Jamiu was now groping her tits with both hands and unbuttoning her blouse Terri was rubbing both mine and Jamiu’s through our jeans. Within no time her blouse was open and Jamiu was kissing her chest and trying to remove her white silk bra, I took her blouse off from behind and unclipped her bra and moved it off her shoulders Jamiu then removed the bra altogether and started licking and sucking her N!.pplss which where as hard as nail.

I then moved around her slightly and I saw her tits for the first and they were great I immediately started on the other tit and started to lick and suck on it Terri was now like putty in our hands. While we were enjoying our feast we had managed to undo the back of her skirt which just fell to the floor.

There she was standing there in just her white silk panties with us two work friends sucking at her huge tits. I pulled away and went behind her again putting my hands inside her knickers and touching her bare butt running my fingers up and down her crack. Jamiu had removed his top and Terri was helping him out of his jeans and boxers and rubbing his stiff, I then stripped out of my clothes and knelt down behind Terri and removed her knickers.

I started kissing and licking at her butt while Jamiu already had a finger or two inside her bald Pu.$$y with was soaking wet.

We then all moved over to the big sofa like bed, and Terri laid on her back and we got our first real look at her N@kkd bre@.$ts and her freshly shaved Pu.$$y which was so moist, I couldn’t help myself but be the first to taste her, I ran my tongue all over her Pu.$$y licking and sucking on her clit, probing her hole with my tongue moving down and licking her butt hole, I carried on down there enjoying her taste and thinking this married woman is so F**.Cking hot and if only her hubby could she her now. Jamiu had managed to convince her to suck his I knew she didn’t do for her hubby) her head was bobbing back and forth like a pro and Jamiu looked very close to filling her mouth with his cum as I felt her first org@.$m hit her and I greedily lapped it up with my mouth, it must have been to much for Jamiu because he came in her mouth and some of his cum dribbled out the side of her mouth, I then moved my body up a bit higher and placed my throbbing right on her opening and gently pushed myself inside her.

Once I was all the way in I slowly at first started F**.Cking her Pu.$$y, then gradually got faster and faster then I shoot my cum inside her. Jamiu had come back from the bathroom and said he wanted to F**.Ck her as well to which Terri said OK I want you too. Jamiu turned Terri over and got her on all fours and got behind her and started pushing his hard into her cum filled Pu.$$y.

They seemed to be F**.Cking for ages and I had got myself hard again and positioned me self in front of Terri’s face, I pushed my to her mouth and she opened and started to suck on me. Jamiu was now pounding away at her from behind, Terri was like a wild animal loving it and begging for more screaming out” F**.Ck me, F**.Ck me”. And it was at this point that Jamiu’s black friend Emeka walked in, no doubt very happy with what he was seeing in front of him and jester ed to me if he could join in, I just nodded and so with that he undressed very quickly walked over to Jamiu and tapped him on the shoulder and said very quietly move over, to which Jamiu just pulled out of her and let Emeka take his place. Terri at this point did not even know that Emeka was their. Emeka pushed his black into her soaking wet Pu.$$y and processed to F**.Ck her just like Jamiu had been doing.

I looked at Terri, and thought there she was sucking my, on all fours getting F**.Cked. WOW they would never believe this at the office on Monday.

I think Emeka must have had a bigger than Jamiu because Terri finally looked behind her and saw Emeka, but she didn’t stop him she just let him carry on F**.Cking her, she was enjoying herself to much to care.

Emeka finally came emptying his load inside her now flooded Pu.$$y. Terri wasn’t finished yet and nor was Jamiu so he then lay on the floor and asked Terri to get on top of him with which she did. Once Jamiu had re-entered her she started riding him slowly while Jamiu sucked on her tits. I was still very hard at this point and wanted to cum again, so I moved up behind her and started to probe her butt with my finger which she seemed to like. Once I had managed to push my finger all the way I then used the wetness from her dripping Pu.$$y and started rubbing it onto my, then slowly started to push my against her butt hole which was very tight. But I just kept pushing slowly and slowly until the head was in, Terri said don’t hurt me I’ve never had a in there before. But I just carried on pushing slowly until I was all the way i.e. then slowly F**.Cked away at her tight V!rg!n butt with Jamiu still inside her Pu.$$y.

After a while of slowly F**.Cking her butt I finally came again emptying my load up her once V!rg!n hole. Jamiu was still F**.Cking at her Pu.$$y as Terri org@.$m again prompting Jamiu to shoot his load deep into her.

Emeka got himself hard again and told Terri to lay on her back for him. She climbed off Jamiu and laid on her back with her legs wide open, Emeka got between her legs and pushed his black inside her and started F**.Cking away at her Pu.$$y.

Emeka kept saying to her “look at me bitch”, “remember this night, remember that your married Pu.$$y has had a big black inside it, and remember that I’ve cum inside you, go home and tell hubby you’ve got my cum inside you . Emeka carried on F**.Cking her while Jamiu sat beside her and Terri just wanked his back to life, I moved around so she could wank my back to life to, which she did.

Terri seemed to be getting close to another org@.$m then Emeka pulled out of her Pu.$$y and told her to suck his, he sat back on the sofa and Terri got up and knelt down between his legs and started sucking his Jamiu quickly moved behind her and started to push his into her once V!rg!n butt hole, he must have only just got his inside and just cum there and then. Terri came again. Jamiu then pulled out of her and just sat back to watch. I got up on the sofa with Emeka and told Terri to suck my as well, so she just took us in turns.

Emeka was getting very close to Cumming and held her head on his as he cum deep inside her mouth. Terri then just fell back to the floor and laid there exhausted I then wanked myself off over her, and cum on her tits. We all sat there looking at her laying there N@kkd and covered in cum. Terri got up a little while later and said I better go home hubby’s waiting for me, I showed her to the shower and left her to shower alone. While she was cleaning herself Emeka said he wanted a keep sake of the night so he took her knickers and hid them, I also wanted something so I took her white bra.

Terri was alarmed to find that her underwear had gone missing but we all looked and couldn’t find them. How would she explain that to hubby? Jamiu got Terri a taxi home and we all kissed her goodbye.

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  1. Genny,if you wrote this, I want to fuck you!


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