Saturday, June 3, 2017


Look, It's okay to have a job that keeps you busy all the time, or work in a place where you're not allowed to have your phone with you,  it's totally okay, and your partner will have to understand that most of the time you can't call or really communicate during working hours, until the end of the day.  But imagine this:

Imagine if i get a good morning call from you at 7am, when i know you resume for work at 8?

Imagine if you take some minutes to call me on your lunch break to find out how my day was going?

Imagine if i get a lovely text from you at 2pm saying you're just thinking about me;  when i know it is supposed to be your busiest working  hours.

Imagine if i know you're calling to check on me from the bathroom in your office; because you don't want to get caught on the phone when you're supposed to be working.

Imagine if you call me at 4pm asking if i need anything since you'll be stopping by to see me.

How about getting a surprise lunch or gift pack delivered at my office with your name on it?

How do you think i would feel hearing from you at an unexpected time of the day?

Would it not be appreciated? Would it not be nice to know that inspite of your busy schedule you're still finding time in between to make me a part of your day?

Most times people just give excuses when they're not ready to commit to anyone, they just want to sit on the fence, and they expect you to sit with them,  saying "am too busy with work" ... Yes you're too busy indeed, but not with work, you're too busy to water what you have got, too busy to build on it, too busy to make the effort, too busy to let me know that i still matter to you inspite of your job.

A relationship becomes boring when communication becomes a predicted routine, i don't want to throw my phone away during the day because you are not going to call me until 8pm when you're home, i want you to surprise me, i want us to make time for each other in between our busy hours, making time for me won't stop you from making money.
#ConfessionsOfAGoodMan -Mr. Abhyacintho

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