Sunday, July 2, 2017


since I lost my husband last year, I and my kids are really suffering. My inlaws has deprive me from my husband property, we hardly feed and it been really tough, since last,week my daughter has been sick and i took her to there family house so dey we know what we are going through, getting there when my husband grand mother saw me and my daughter she shouted I should get out he don't want to see me and my kids, so i left there and went up stairs to greet his dad, it wasnt up to 10min i heard  people shouting that he just confess that she killed my  husband, and now she is seeing my daughter inform of my late husband, i was do shocked, down, confused, sad, i really dont know wat to say or do at that time, i
started crying so much and immediately took my stuff and left the house, i nearly got hitting by a car because then I don't even know how I got home, this was the same people accusing me of killing my husband, (their son) the just 31 years starting life, I got home and later receive call from the father asking me to calm down, this and DAT, then I hang up the call, just 5days ago I found out the  woman is dead and Aldo they have rented my house without my permission and also want to burry the woman with the money,   As am typing this now, am in tears, pains, fustrated and alone, I and my kids hardly eat, my daughter was sent away from sch became I haven't completed her fees and tomorrow they are starting there exams , please right now everything is killing me, I think so much, hardly sleep because am having serious chest pain, I want you all to please pray for me be my kids and also please help me, my mum is a widow and also advance and now nothing and nobody to help me, anyone that wants to help me Will ask for sex, is not that I can do anything to put food on my table but I really truly love my husband and I want it to get to one year atleast before I look for a way to Carter for me and my kids, Please I beg you all with the name of God my kids has not been feeding well and they still small, 3years and a year and they are even crying as am typing this, please I don't even pray for my enemy to go through this frustration, because it better to die than to be going through all this

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