Wednesday, August 2, 2017


You are not irrelevant. You are not worthless. Your delay is never a denial.

If it's not happening right now, it does not mean that it will not happen for life. Your present situation is not permanent destination.

Your current condition is not your destiny. It's a temporary situation that we all have to pass through in our journey of life. Everybody will have a story to tell. Everybody in life will naturally fight a war.

There is no person without problem in life. Some problems are visible while some can not be seen with the eyes.

 If all problems were made visible by God, some people will steal your problems and run away with it, because their own problems are twenty times bigger than yours.

No matter the situation you face in life, do not give up.

Don't be disturbed by what people say about you. Anyone who can't feel your pain has no right to judge or condemn you in life. Put your hope in God and be rest assured..

Always remember that if God still keeps you alive; he still has plans for your life.

Never give up if you're still alive!

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